Snowman Cartoon Drawing in 4 Steps With Photoshop

A snowman cartoon drawing is fun piece of artwork to do during the holiday seasons. Its simple shapes make it easy for children to understand form by practicing simple lines, circles, and various other shapes.

When drawing a snowman cartoon, think about words to describe it. Some good words to start off are buttons, branches, coal, a carrot, jolly, happy, tall, scarf, top-hat, broom, boulders, white, and snowballs.

Using the words, above, the standard appearance of a snowman is usually white, has a carrot nose, wears a top-hat, has branches for arms, coals for buttons, wears a scarf, and is made up of three very large snow boulders stacked on top of one another.

While it seems that the drawing is set in stone, there is still plenty of room for creativity. How many buttons should be on the character? What color is the scarf? What type of hat should the snowman wear? There are no wrong answers!

Sketching the snowman cartoon drawing

The sketch will begin with the three snow boulders as the base. Start with the lower boulder to get a feel for the overall size. Each boulder will become progressively smaller, ending up with a hat on top.

Since it's just a cartoon, the arms are straight forward to do with just lines. Even though it's a cartoon, have some simple perspective for items like the hat. For example, draw the underside of the hat if the snowman is facing upwards.

snowman cartoon drawing step 1 from

The scarf itself can be sketched in very easily with a large horizontal rectangle. Use two more additional rectangles to show then ends hanging off the knot. For the eyes and buttons, a circle is all that is necessary while a triangle finishes out the carrot nose.

Any shading are roughly blocked in at this stage. Most of it is simply filling out the top hat as it is primarily black. However, leave a rectangular open area to identify to indicate a shiny reflection.

Cleaning up the snowman cartoon drawing

Cleaning up the sketch will be the first priority. The first method is to fade out the sketch layer and trace over the sketch on a brand new layer on top. The alternative method would be to build on the sketch.

For this method, the goal is to darken up the sketch lines. This is done by duplicate the sketch multiple times and then merging it all together until the lines are nice and thick. This step also sharpens up the edges of soft lines.

snowman cartoon drawing step 2 from

For the latter method, use the eraser tool to round out the snow boulders, clothing, and any facial features. Similarly, the smudge tool on 100% pressure can hard smudge the lines as an alternative to the airbrush.

To save time on coloring, look for areas that can be darkened fully. For example, the arms can be filled in, just like the hat, with large black areas with some openings for textures. The purpose is to incorporate shaded areas directly as the line art.

Coloring the snowman cartoon drawing

Coloring is easy if the line drawing has the divided the zones of the snowman cartoon drawing properly. That means a quick visual inspection to close off any holes that different colors can potentially spill into.

When ready, select a zone with the magic wand tool to highlight it. After an empty area is selected, create a new layer underneath the line drawing and then fill it with the proper flat color.

snowman cartoon drawing step 3 from

Ideally, fill in the snow boulders first with a light flat blue. Repeat this step as necessary to fill out the entire drawing. There should be one shade of color for the scarf, carrot nose, top-hat, and bits of the arms.

Always use a darker hue than the intended color. It is easier to apply a light shade to a darker color to create texture than it is to do the reverse. When all the flat colors are in place, lock down this layer to begin adding in more details.

Shading the snowman cartoon drawing

Due to the simplistic topography of snow, the entire process of adding textures to the snowman can be done with the chalk brush. Before doing so, deciding on the general direction of a main light source.

For the three large boulders, use a very light color and block in the center of the sphere facing closest to the light source. Automatically, the jagged lines of the chalk brush will fill in the snow textures with ease.

snowman cartoon drawing step 4 from

Repeat this step with the buttons and the carrot to turn the flat colors into coal and vegetable textures. For the scarf, the area to block in is near the knot region. With some control small folds can be formed.

In the event that the colors or textures look too strong, use a large soft round brush to smoothen out the transition between light and dark areas. Take advantage of the zones found on the line drawing, by reselecting it with the magic wand, to isolate the coloring to a specific region.

Another piece of the puzzle is to draw in a rim light. This is nothing more than a faint outline around the outer edges of the snowman. It is a simple thing to do but will make the character stand out even more.

Now that the shading is done, the final process is to enhance the colors. The simple 'Brightness/Contrast' adjustment layer is more than enough to quickly enhance the drawing on a global scale to finish the snowman cartoon drawing.