Santa Cartoon Drawing in 4 Steps With Photoshop

This guide will go over the steps in creating a Santa cartoon. Use it to celebrate the holidays as a decoration during Christmas time. There is no better time for giving, being thankful, and doing simple festive arts and crafts with the family.

A popular artistic craft is drawing stuff related to the Christmas season. Imagine kids and adults drawing stuff that gets them into the festive mood. From sleighs, candy canes, reindeer, snowflakes, mistletoes, and presents are just a few things to draw.

Of course, the main subject of this guide is drawing the one character that people around the world recognize: Santa Claus. His well-crafted jolly persona and figure is always welcomed in any household around the world.

Whether digital or not, a Santa cartoon represents a reward for being well-behaved for the year. Typically speaking, the cartoon should carry a large sack full of toys. Children and adults alike are delighted to see this association. Have you been good this year?

Sketching the Santa cartoon drawing

Basic circles and rectangles work the best when sketching out the Santa cartoon drawing. As always, start on a new layer for the sketch as the lines drawn must be kept away from interacting with a solid background layer for the purposes of cleaning it up properly.

Before that, start every sketch of the human form with a basic mannequin that helps identify the position of major body parts. A cross is very helpful for guiding in facial features on the head. Proportion wise, just make sure the length of the legs and body are equal.

santa cartoon drawing step 1 from

The areas that have the most circles are the face, the toy bag, the hat, the upper body for the tummy, and hands. These circular shapes will help in making a plump character. When completed, move on to wards drawing the limbs.

For these areas, long rectangles are used for the arms and legs. The clothing that Santa Claus wears is full of fur bands. Again, these can be suggested with long horizontal rectangles. There are bands on the cuffs, belt, the lower part of the coat, the hat, and the lower parts of the leggings.

Cleaning up the Santa cartoon drawing

Once all the basic shapes are done, it's time to clean up the messy lines. Using the same layer, go over each line individually. For starters, any lines that are too thin can be thickened up. Similarly, if there are any lines that are too thick, erase into it to thin it out.

There will be some details that may or may not fit the overall outline. In these instances, decide what is important to change whether by adding in new lines or deleting the lines out completely. Adding fingers is an example of giving the drawing more details.

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The beard, on the flip side, may not require any details at all. Just a mass indicating hair, beard, and mustache may be enough to get the point across. This also applies to clothing in that only a few crease lines are necessary.

Other than that, fill in any additional black spots like the belt or boots. For the sake of detailing, there is no need to fill the boots in completely. It is just enough to leave some white areas to indicate some sort of shine in an stylized sense.

Coloring the Santa cartoon drawing

A Christmas Santa cartoon drawing won't be complete without some festive colors. Usually, reds, whites, and greens are enough to indicate a December holiday theme. The idea is to use a color palette that is inviting and bright.

Deciding on where to put these colors is the next step. Red is an easy choice for the clothing as that is the preferred color on Santa. However, depending on the clothing, Santa has been known to wear green as well.

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The toy bag can also have multiple colors. In the context of the drawing, green is a good choice as it fits well with the red suit. For any presents sticking out of the bag, introduce a third warm color like orange. The white can remain for the hair, mustache, beard, and the bands found on the clothing.

For these colors, paint it in on a different layer. Preferably, create a new layer underneath the line drawing. The black lines will hide the change boundaries between the greens, whites, reds, grays found on the boots, and the oranges.

Shading the Santa cartoon drawing

Keeping the layer with the colors separate from the line drawing will allow greater control of coloring and texturing as it won't affect or paint over the line drawing by accident. When working with defined areas, always lock down the layer.

This prevents accidental coloring outside its intended boundaries. Before that though, clean up the colors a bit so it doesn't stick out of the line drawing. When ready, pick the airbrush after locking down the layer and begin to paint in some shading.

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Any creases in the clothing will need to be painted in with a slightly darker red. Some areas to focus is the underside of the coat, creases in the elbow region, the area under the beard, and the bendable section of the Christmas hat.

Moving on to the face, it should have been already set with a flat skin color. The only painting that is necessary would be to brighten up the cheeks. This is easily done with a round brush with a pink hue. After that, add in some shading on where the hair meets the face.

The white areas are a bit hard to get right but will require some small shading. A slightly light hue of grey is perfect to emphasize the shadows. Draw some of it near the bottom of the beard and around the white bands. Finally, draw in some thin lines around the cartoon to give it a small rim light.

The last major bit is the toy bag. Luckily, it can be shaded in with a darker hue of green. Apply a thin rim light around the bag just like the cartoon Santa. For the presents, draw in some random dabs of color to simulate a wrapping paper design. And that's it! All done!