Photoshop Guide for Drawing

This Photoshop guide will go over the core tools needed for drawing. No matter how difficult it seems at the start, all types of drawings can be done easily with the most basic tools such as the airbrush, erase, smudge tool, layers, etc.

This software is a huge part of the graphics industry and is something not to miss as an artist. In fact, in most professional images in magazines or any visual advertisement, it is certain that Photoshop is behind these amazing pictures.

While photo manipulation is definitely one of the strong points of this program, drawing and painting is another side of the coin that other artists use as well. Personally, I find drawing with Photoshop fun and rewarding. It is even more so when non destructive editing tools are used at the same time.

That is, knowing that the drawing can be edited in a way that does not destroy pixels, as well as giving a lot of flexibility for editing the entire composition even when done, brings new a new level of confidence to experiment. It all starts here by knowing the right tools.

The Photoshop guide for drawing

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adobe brushes

Adobe Brushes

Unsure of what Adobe brushes are needed for drawing? There's nothing to worry about, though. In reality, the majority of all drawings can broken down to a few selected brushes. This guide will focus on four main classification of brushes that are most useful.

how to draw in Photoshop

How to Draw in Photoshop

Learning how to draw in Photoshop is fun and rewarding if you know what to do. Often, tutorials over complicate what is truly needed for drawing. Therefore, this section will focus on the simplifying core functions to help any artist become a powerful digital illustrator.

How to make photoshop brushes

How to Make Photoshop Brushes

Sometimes, learning how to make Photoshop brushes can come in handy because there will be cases where the default Photoshop brush heads may not be enough. The process is actually very quick and painless. It just needs a source to be defined as a brush.

Photoshop clipping mask

Photoshop Clipping Mask

A Photoshop clipping mask is an extremely powerful tool that is a vital part of non destructive editing. In this lesson, I go over how to create and apply clipping masks to a drawing and how it can save the artist time by creating correctable variations of a drawing idea.

Photoshop layer mask

Photoshop Layer Mask

This section will look at applying a Photoshop layer mask to a drawing for non destructive editing purposes. Through this demonstration, the advantages are seen as I solve a compositional problem involving object placement that can exist, due to perspective, in both the background and the foreground.

Photoshop layer style

Photoshop Layer Style

Just what is a Photoshop layer style? To quickly define it, layer styles are added graphical enhancements that is linked to a specific layer. In this lesson, I will be applying Photoshop layer styles to a drawing as a means to take advantage of non destructive editing techniques.

free drawing software

Free Drawing Software

Don't have Photoshop? No problem! Free drawing software lacked features and compatibility drawing hardware a decade ago. However, the evolution of free drawing programs today are extremely good that it's comparable to paid software. Here's what to look for.

Again, no matter how difficult it seems at the start, most of us do have the capability to do wonderful and professional paintings so long as the most basic tools are understood and used to its fullest. Everything else is based on a strong artistic foundation.

Moreover, keeping a core focus on simple tools will allow anyone to transition much easier to other drawing software. Granted, most will not have as much non-destructive editing flexibility as Photoshop, but paths are open just by learning about the basics through these Photoshop guides for drawing.