How to Draw People in Photoshop

Learning how to draw people properly is a huge deal to any artist. The human body as a complex machine, with its infinite amount of posing possibilities, can be overwhelming to draw. Here are a few guides to help with easing the difficulties associated with drawings of people.

What makes good artists can be seen in how well they handle drawing people. It is such a critical skill in artistic development that there are classes that focuses purely on the human form. The reason? It is a core of art fundamentals useful for everyday media.

For example, comics, animation, portraits, fantasy, science fiction, cartooning, etc. all have people in it to tell a story or vision. Even for the most simplistic of styles, knowledge of the human body can still be shown. It's not the type of knowledge that can be hidden behind a style.

In learning how to draw people, it's best to start with a realistic model to maximize learning. After all, it's easier to adapt a strong understanding of the human form to cartoons and other stylized drawings than it is to do the reverse.

How to draw people: the basic stuff

how to draw people from

how to draw a person

How to Draw an Person

Learning how to correctly how to draw a person as a whole is one of the hardest things any artist will come across. However, there are ways to make it easier. This guide will show a method that works well for me in learning how to create a human body drawing. I feel it might work just as well for you.

how to draw hands

How to Draw Hands

Are you having difficulties learning how to draw hands? Don't worry, you are not alone. Since hands are part of a crucial part of the human body for displaying emotions, this guide will show a few key concepts through hand drawings to help understand what to look for in this subject.

How to draw feet

How to Draw Feet

So just how difficult is it to learn how to draw feet? Surprisingly, it's not that hard. In this lesson, I will break down some of the key issues that arise. While not as nearly as important as the hands, you will still realize that drawing feet (for posture and locomotion) is important as an artist.

how to draw a girl

Realistic Girl Drawing

Learning how to draw a girl can be seen as a cornerstone of any artist. Whether sexy, clever, cute, beautiful, or strong, girls are one of the most drawn subjects out there that attract people. This guide will walk you through the thought process I used to create an amazing drawing of a girl.

how to draw a woman

How to Draw a Woman

Learning how to draw a woman is a topic that requires a lot of study. While it's easy to just reference a fashion magazine, there is more to it than just a pretty face and figure. I will explore some important considerations in this guide on how to draw women.

The important part is to not place a limit on how much one can learn about the human body. It will always be an ongoing process through practice and discovery. This is why it's important to strengthen this particular set of core fundamentals before hand.

After all, revisiting fundamentals when trying to get an art project done is a time waster. That is not to say that revisiting it is a bad thing. It is why references exist: to offer artists a quick way to solve a difficult art problem. Just don't let it be the core reason to stop on a project. Always remember that!