How to Draw Farm Animals in Photoshop

In this guide on how to draw farm animals, we will be drawing animals that we see commonly in ranches and farms around the world. While we will be drawing some common animals like the horse and pig, others, like the camel, are just as important in other cultures.

Farm animals fall into a larger group called livestock. In this category, livestock are defined as domesticated and beneficial animals raised for commercial or research purposes. Just recently, livestock can also be used to talk about raising rare breeds to ensure survival of certain species.

Domesticated livestock began when people transitioned from hunter-gatherers to settle into larger set communities. To facilitate this change, animals were then breed over the course of history in controlled environments. As a result, these animals are unfit to live in the wild.

While primarily used for their meats, farm animals can be used for other purposes such as leather, pest control, dairy, recreational, or even companionship purposes. The later creates a bond between human and animals and is something artists like you and me love to capture.

Lessons on how to draw farm animals

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realistic buffalo drawing

Realistic Buffalo Drawing

A realistic buffalo drawing can present its own set of challenges. Since the overall shape of the American bison is different from all the other types of buffalo, this is an opportunity to see how well you can transition from hairy textures to skin textures as only half of the animal has fur.

realistic camel drawing

Realistic Camel Drawing

What's one of the best way to create a realistic realistic camel drawing? Try blocking in the form with a large chalk brush and then swapping over to a smaller brush to detail the animal. It's straightforward when you follow this method in learning how to to draw a camel.

how to draw a cow

How to Draw a Cow

A very special animal, learning how to draw a cow is one way to honor what this noble farm animal has given us. Through ancient times, we depend on cattle for a lot of our dietary means. In some cultures, a cow drawing represents wealth, strength, and other positive symbolism.

how to draw a donkey

Realistic Donkey Drawing

When I think about learning how to draw a donkey, I think of a miniature horse. However, unlike a horse, where you are focused on the muscular built, we will be illustrating fur more than anything else to mold it into a proper donkey drawing.

realistic fox drawing

Realistic Fox Drawing

Are you interested in creating a believable realistic fox drawing? This realistic fox drawing tutorial will take you through the process of learning how to draw foxes with these simple and easy to follow steps in order to draw a fox.

how to draw a horse

Realistic Frog Drawing

Not only can you learn how to draw frogs, but this realistic frog drawing lesson will teach you a wide variety of excellent techniques to master so you can be the skilled artist that you want to be.

how to draw a horse

Realistic Horse Drawing

I had difficulties learning how to draw a horse until I studied the human anatomy, in great details, to find out the similarities between the two muscular systems. In making such links, creating a horse drawing became much easier easier.

how to draw a pig

How to Draw a Pig

For a fun project, let's figure out how to draw a pig together. This should be a a straight forward lesson on creating a pig drawing because there are no special textures to worry about since the skin on this animal is very smooth.

Drawing most of these animals will allow you to realize the importance it has on our society. As suggested, you cannot be successful without working knowledge about these beloved creatures of nature because there is a lot of demand for knowing how to draw farm animals and their bond to people.

Technique wise, fur and skin were one of the biggest gains from learning how to draw farm animals. Once you have mastered it, you can take what you have learned and apply it draw animals in the wild or mythical creatures. There are a lot of ways that you can expand and it's up to you to create a path to take it to the next level.