How to Draw Fantasy Art in Photoshop

What can you come up with when you are learning how to draw fantasy art? Fantasy art has an unlimited amount of things to draw that will push your imagination to the limits. You can get started on this fascinating genre by learning how to draw fantasy creatures that are common to this topic.

There are many ways to define a fantasy art. The more common definition revolves around a high reliance on magic or other supernatural elements, where the setting is usually medieval in nature with a heavy emphasis on landscapes and creatures that can't exist in the physical world.

An artist willing to try learning how to draw fantasy art will need to have an decent background in drawing a lot of different things. That is, animals, people, and landscapes are a strong point of focus as well as addressing the basics of shading and perspective.

Beyond that, take what you know about drawing and create an entire world out of it as you will be making up a lot of elements of your own. The goal is to let your imagination roam free while still paying attention to techniques that will make a fictitious setting look real. Here are some common themes to help you out.

Examples on how to draw fantasy art

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how to draw angel wings

How to Draw Angel Wings

Learning how to draw angel wings is one of those topics that artists love because of its associations with angels. Furthermore, drawings of angel wings is open to your own interpretation. You can follow a bird's wing or try to elaborate a little bit more.

fantasy angel drawing

Fantasy Angel Drawing

A fantasy angel drawing requires you to be good at analyzing people, clothing, and wings, before you can bring it to life. It is highly recommended to study these topics beforehand. Other than that, the tips here will give you the necessary process on how to draw an angel.

fantasy dragon drawing

Fantasy Dragon Drawing

Having a fantasy dragon drawing in your artistic portfolio is always nice. Not only is it fun, but learning to draw a dragon is an experience that challenges your artistic foundation and ability to be creative. Follow along to create your own fantasy dragon drawings in this simple lesson.

How to draw an elf

Fantasy Elf Drawing

A fantasy elf drawing is very open ended artistic trope. Let's start with something that most people like: a female elf drawing. Why not? These noble princesses of nature are a subject a lot of artists will try to pursue at least once.

fantasy fairy drawing

Fantasy Fairy Drawing

Wouldn't you like to complete a fantasy fairy drawing seeing as fairy illustrations are always cool to view? We will be breaking down the process of creating fairy drawings using common drawing tools combined with layering techniques.

fantasy mermaid drawings

Fantasy Mermaid Drawings

While making fantasy mermaid drawings may seem difficult at first, these instructions will guide you through the steps to create a convincing mermaid. That is, we will draw mermaids by breaking it down into manageable objectives.

how to draw a unicorn

How to Draw a Unicorn

Would you like to learn how to draw a unicorn? It's not too difficult either because unicorn drawings takes what you know about a realistic animal from nature (horse of goat) and adds a few extra details (horn and long hair) to it to form a drawing of a unicorn.

These subjects are just the tip of what you can possibly draw. As I said, there is no limit to how you can construct your vision around you. You can even use the techniques learned here to branch into another huge genre like Science Fiction.

The bottom line? So long as it follows basic drawing conventions, there is no reason why you can't draw any fantasy setting. Just keep practicing what you can and use inspiration from many different artists to generate more ideas.