How to Draw Cute Animals in Photoshop

Cute things are loved. Learning how to draw cute animals is one of many ways to appeal to a broad audience. This guide will feature several well known cute animals that people adore. Most of the techniques here will focus on getting the fur right. Here's how it's done.

Most cute animals are I find are domesticated. This is great for artists as these types of animals can be fairly to get access to if references are needed. Moreover, as these animals are quite popular, photographic references are readily available.

As mentioned earlier, the biggest challenge to learning how to draw cute animals is the fur. The techniques that works for me is a combination of hard smudging using a thin brush and using the regular paint brush combined with a brush head that looks like a sponge.

Beyond that, everything else can be easily drawn in. The eyes, for example, is nothing more than a black dot with a few white patches to indicate the reflections off the pupil. Even noses and mouths can be quickly blocked in within a few seconds. When you are ready to follow along, scroll down!

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Learning how to draw cute animals is an ongoing procedure. How complicated an artists wants to draw cute animal is completely up to them. Personally, I like including realism as much as possible to help strengthen my drawing foundation.

These are just some of the cutest animals that I've come across. There are many more to be drawn in the future. The bottom line is to just keep on practicing through controlled brush strokes as well as to reason out the hard stuff slowly till it sinks in.