How to Draw Animals in 4 Steps With Photoshop

Learning how to draw animals living freely in nature is another big step in being a good artist because people love animals of all shapes and sizes! Just look around us. How many types of media feature animals? Just thinking about will make my head spin.

While we love domesticated animals, animals found in the wild are just as intriguing. These animals have its own challenges as artists. A part of it is that we don't have the luxury of being up close and personal. The majority of us will be referencing pictures most of the time.

With that said, what is the best way for learning how to draw animals in the wild? This is a very long answer as it depends on the person. However, I am confident that any animal can be drawn no matter how difficult if the process is reasoned out properly.

Since there are a lot of different types of animals that we can draw, if there is an animal that you want me to explore, please do not hesitate to send me feedback. For now, the animals that I will draw here will explore many techniques for fur and skin.

Guides on how to draw animals

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how to draw an alligator

How to Draw an Alligator

I first learned how to draw an alligator at a young age because I thought these were cool little reptiles. Fast forward to now with new drawing experiences, you can also learn what it takes to create a realistic alligator drawing.

how to draw a bear

Realistic Bear Drawing

Are you interested in learning how to draw a bear? Amaze your friends and clients with these four easy steps needed to create a bear drawing of your own that is both impressive and realistic in this lesson on how to draw bears.

butterfly drawing

Butterfly Drawing

Throughout history, realistic butterfly drawings are representations of unique cultural ideas found in society. More than just the wings, this guide will teach you what you need to learn how to draw butterflies as a whole so you can use the process learned to draw butterflies that is unique to you.

how to draw a cheetah

Cheetah Drawing

This lesson on how to draw a cheetah will help you visualize and draw this animal. Why? As people, we like things that are the pinnacle of design like begin the biggest, the strongest, the smallest, the fastest, etc. A cheetah drawing represents the fastest.

how to draw a dolphin

Realistic Dolphin Drawing

Learning how to draw a dolphin can be a fun and engaging activity. Most drawings of dolphins will show the animal underwater. Thus, this guide will teach you the basics of creating realistic dolphin drawings with the intent of showing the animal in its natural habitat.

realistic elephant drawing

Realistic Elephant Drawing

A realistic elephant drawing shows a sense of grandeur and wonder because these are socially intelligent animals that we have come to respect. Now you can create an awesome drawing of an elephant in this guide on learning how to draw an elephant.

realistic fish drawing

Realistic Fish Drawing

When looking at a realistic realistic fish drawing, there is a sense of beauty and calmness because the marine subjects are a common theme that invites the audience to relax. This guide will help you create a beautiful and believable drawing of a fish to help achieve this feel.

realistic giraffe drawing

Realistic Giraffe Drawing

In this tutorial on creating a realistic giraffe drawing, we are going to learn a few neat techniques for drawing giraffe spots and skin textures. So read on, get your drawing tools ready, and find out how to create realistic realistic giraffe drawings now.

realistic lion drawing

Realistic Lion Drawing

A realistic realistic lion drawing is a piece of art that a lot of people can enjoy. With the drawing techniques you are about to learn, see if you can create a series of convincing realistic lion drawings of your own in this lesson on how to draw lions.

realistic monkey drawing

Realistic Monkey Drawing

Here is an opportunity to create a realistic monkey drawing in this guide on how to draw a monkey. Just follow along in these simple steps and be confident in your ability to create a monkey that is visually accurate.

how to draw a shark

How to Draw a Shark

This topic will deal with how to draw a shark in a way to create a shark drawing. Specifically, we will deal with how to draw shark features and then refining it to form a realistic picture of this magnificent animal.

how to draw a snake

How to Draw a Snake

In these simple steps, you will learn how to draw a snake using texturing techniques to break down and simplify the process of creating scale textures to form a realistic snake drawing. Like most complicated drawings, in order to draw a snake properly, start with a gesture sketch to outline its form.


Realistic Tiger Drawings

Creating and making realistic tiger drawings can be easy. With these step-by-step techniques, you can learn how to draw a tiger that you can be proud of. Just follow along in this lesson on how to draw tigers to add this animal to your personal knowledge.

realistic turtle drawings

Realistic Turtle Drawings

Realistic turtle drawings are a great problem solving opportunity for drawing realistic textures. A drawing of a turtle lends itself to some expert techniques that will help you create the shell. So won't you follow along with me and create a realistic turtle drawings on your own?

realistic wolf drawing

Realistic Wolf Drawing

Imagine a realistic wolf drawing on your wall that's done by you. Here is your chance to learn how to draw a wolf that you can be proud of. So let's get started and use these professional techniques to learn how to draw wolves and other furry animals.

how to draw a zebra

How to Draw a Zebra

Interested in learning how to draw a zebra? This tutorial will help you look for the important aspects of this animal so you can create a realistic zebra drawings and zebra art. The tips found here will simply a lot of the difficult drawing processes associated with zebra stripes.

From shells, stripes, tough hides, scaly skin, and furry coats, the variety of animals that are listed here all have its own unique way of having its textures drawn. Most require simply drawing in the textures while others require some innovative usage of the tools available.

All that is left is to practice and continue reasoning out the different ways to learn how to draw an animal. There are no shortages of examples either as the animal kingdom is an impressive resource for any artist. All we have to do is to look for the right inspirations.