How to Draw a Face in 4 Steps With Photoshop

Knowing how to draw a face properly is a important as an artist because drawing faces of your subjects is a skill that is very high in demand and will speak about you ability to draw. Use these guides to help you learn all the different aspects about how to draw human faces that are realistic and visually pleasing.

While we can read the facial expressions on our friends and family members with ease, putting in on paper, is harder than you think. For example, how will the eyebrows and mouth react when you're scared or angry when you are drawing faces?

The face is the most complex part of any drawing. There are just so many emotions and poses to consider that it may seem daunting at first. As there are an infinite number of ways to draw the face, a holistic approach would be the best way to go about it.

Therefore, I believe it is more beneficial for you to critically think about each and every component of the human face to compose a drawing that is both natural and believable. With a little bit of practice and knowing where to start, even the most complicated faces can be easily drawn.

Tutorials on how to draw a face

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how to draw a head

How to Draw a Head

Learning how to draw a head will help a lot with visualization of key facial landmarks. It is also a good measuring point for the entire human body. Follow the head drawing examples listed here to understand core concepts to effectively construct the head.

how to draw hair

How to Draw Hair

Learning how to draw hair is a critical part of creating identity in your characters. Find out some key point of drawing hair as you follow along with these examples of hair drawings showcasing critical ways of figuring out hairstyles.

realistic eye drawing

Realistic Eye Drawing Guide

Out of all our facial features, a realistic eye drawing says a lot about your character or subject as it is a window to signify emotions as well as drawing focus from the audience. But before you start learning how to draw an eye and how it conveys emotions, you need to understand the parts of the eyes.

How to draw ears

How to Draw Ears

Do not skip on how to draw ears as an artist. Even if being covered by hair or other decorative ornaments, the ear is one of the small things that complete a picture of a person. This guide will go through the process of understanding an completing a fully realistic ear drawing.

how to draw a nose

How to Draw a Nose

Learning how to draw a nose is often overlooked simply because we focus on the other facial features. And yet, it's part of the overall picture that defines your character. Luckily, since it doesn't do much in terms of giving emotional responses, a nose drawing can be an easy illustration to do.

how to draw lips

How to Draw Lips

It's easy to learn how to draw lips when you are able to break down the basic shape into a series of planes. Specifically, while learning to draw female lips is an art exercise in understanding the mouth itself, we will only deal with a light smile so you can have a feel for this facial feature.

how to draw portraits

How to Draw Portraits

Learning how to draw portraits is one of those things that you must learn as an artist. From the the eyes, nose, ears, and the mouth, you will be using head proportions to fit these facial features in place in this lesson on how to draw realistic portraits.

What do you want to achieve when you are learning how to draw a face? Who is it that inspires you and how far are you in meeting your artistic goals? What opportunities for improvements do you see? What is next after meeting these goals?

That is the wonderful thing about being an artist. Since it is a very subjective type of profession, the answers to your questions will come to you in time and it will be personalized. It will shape your art style as you adapt to your audience.