How to Draw a Bird in 4 Steps With Photoshop

I learned how to draw a bird by creating many bird sketches to understand its form and the unique challenges it brings. This section will cover a bird drawing of a few common species and what I did to make it doable. I envision that this will work for you as well.

Birds play a huge role in human society. In culture, religion, and mythology, birds serve as some sort of messenger or symbol of divinity (good or bad). These animals are seen portrayed through the earliest cave paintings to the most recent drawings.

Even flight technologies, like the airplane, are based on the understanding how the wings work. On a lesser level, artists seeking to learn how to draw a bird should seek a similar mindset to understand as much of the form as possible.

The lesson on how to draw a bird listed here shows birds with unique forms. For example, positions of the feet on a duck, the broad wings on a turkey, the large eyes of an owl, etc. The list goes on and on. Each of these unique characteristics have its own way of being drawn. Here are the finished attempts.

Available guides on how to draw a bird

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how to draw wings

How to Draw Wings

For birds and any flying animal, learning how to draw wings is essential. One key element to know is that wings have different ways to be drawn depending if the audience is looking from above or below. This bird wings drawing will show the difference.

dove drawing

Dove Drawing

This section details my dove drawing experiences. The bird seems deceptively easy at first but really makes me think very carefully about the light colors needed for this animal. In a way, it makes learning how to draw a dove that much harder.

how to draw a duck

How to Draw a Duck

Learning how to draw a duck is acknowledging the impact this bird has on most cultures. From the bird's consumable qualities to the humorous depictions in cartoons, duck drawings plays an important part in our social world.

how to draw an eagle

How to Draw an Eagle

This guide will focus on how to draw an eagle in four key steps. An eagle drawing or picture means a lot of things for many different people and cultures. Whether it is for fun or for professional reasons, use this opportunity to draw eagle illustrations to showcase to an audience.

hummingbird drawing

Hummingbird Drawing

A hummingbird drawing teaches a lot of new skills like drawing feather textures, motion blurring, and texture separation using lighting effects. This guide will focus on these concept through showing how to draw a hummingbird realistically in motion while keeping the rest of the bird static.

How to Draw an Ostrich

How to Draw an Ostrich

This is my documentation on how to draw an ostrich in a way that is both simple and doable. The importance of this bird has its roots in many cultures. Thus, an ostrich drawing to way to showcase its popularity to an audience interested in this bird.

owl drawings

Owl Drawing

Owl drawings are an awesome addition for scary or morbid themes. Just think of any dark environment and you will find this animal. This guide will teach you what you need to learn how to draw an owl and create a realistic owl drawing for your very own.

parrot drawing

Parrot Drawing

Completing a parrot drawing involves looking at multiple different species to get a better idea of the overall silhouette. While it is not necessary to review all 392 different parrots, there are common traits that can be used to create a convincing parrot.

how to draw a penguin

How to Draw a Penguin

What are the steps of knowing how to draw a penguin? This penguin drawing guide will go through the considerations to think about in regards to the overall shape and form to create an accurate depiction of this cute little bird.

swan drawing

Swan Drawing

At first glance, a swan drawing looks like an easy exercise. If we are talking about just the general shape, it is very straightforward. Depending on how complicated or realistic the swan is, it can get to be a real challenge. Here is how I handled drawing this bird.

turkey drawing

Turkey Drawing

I will have to admit: a turkey drawing is perhaps one of the hardest technical drawings that I have done. In teaching myself how to draw a turkey, I am exercising a lot of patience as the body of the common domesticated turkey is very different from most birds. This is the result of my attempt.

So far, these birds are rewarding as well as challenging to draw in their own right. There has never been a time where I got bored learning how to draw a bird of a specific type. I am sure you will have a similar experience figuring out what you need to do to make a bird drawing successful.

Furthermore, what I have learned here can be used for other drawings. I know stuff like wings can cater to a whole different bunch of fantasy drawings involving angels. Anything else can be used for mythical creatures like griffins or dragons. There are a lot of options out there.