Heart Cartoon Drawing in 4 Steps With Photoshop

A heart cartoon drawing is a great way to show affection. Whether it is used all year round or just saved up for Valentine's Day, heart drawings are always welcomed. By itself, a heart is an easy shape to draw. However, drawing a heart that is symmetrical will require some creative thinking.

When people are excited by an emotional response, be it good or bad, their hearts will begin to race to increase the blood flow to the body as a natural response. It's because of this natural occurrence that the heart is tied to emotions.

Aside from affection and emotional responses, a heart cartoon drawing also symbolizes life. This particular meaning can be seen in video games, as the heart is a symbol of a player's health. Some games will use a graphical display of the heart itself or use a series of hearts to indicate the player's current health level.

With such a simple shape, there's always many ways it can be drawn. It can be as simple or complicated as it depends on the skill of the individual artist. This is a demonstration of how to draw a heart that is a bit more visually appealing.

Preparing the heart cartoon drawing

Manually drawing a curved shape needed for at least half of the heart is fairly easy by itself. The downside is that it can take some time to get the right curvature. This is where understanding the drawing software can make our lives easier.

In modern drawing software, there are usually a set of distortion filters that can alter the shape of an object. In Photoshop, it will be under Distort > Twirl. In this demonstration, the first half of the heart is easily done in three steps: draw a straight line, twirl it, and delete half of it to get a tapering curved shape.

how to draw a heart step 1 from cgattic.ca

Even after twirling, some adjustments may be necessary. If the curve isn't up to par, I would try to skew the perspective or warp the shape to my liking. I test this by duplicating it and then flip it horizontally to mirror the heart. If it still doesn't look right, I start over again until it does.

At this point, the entire heart shape is done in just a few minutes with most of the time used to manipulate one half. It doesn't get anymore simple than this where I can stop anytime. Nonetheless, I feel that I can do more to this heart cartoon drawing to make it more pretty to look at.

Coloring the heart cartoon drawing

A line art by itself is sufficient for most cases, although adding color and depth is a another level of drawing worth pursuing. Using the shape given, I filled in the line drawing. For shading, an arc of white to show shine and an arc of black to show shadows is enough to get the point across.

For more realism, gradients can be used. Photoshop allows quick gradients through using layer styles. These can be altered with a simple click of a mouse to sort out direction and intensity. For other drawing programs, it is more than OK simple lock the layer down and paint the gradients in manually.

how to draw a heart step 2 from cgattic.ca

An even more complicated level of refinement would be to chisel out the heart with another object. Photoshop allows layer masking. Using this tool, I 'cut' in the shape of a rose inside the heart. The layer mask will allow me to move the rose without damaging the heart object.

While certain drawing software will make certain tasks easier, it is still up to the artist's individual creativity to utilize the options to its fullest. With that said, there is still more that can be done to these heart drawings that takes it even further.

Making a floral heart cartoon drawing

The ability to twirl any given design is extremely useful to produce even more variations. The time saved from duplicating and twirling multiple shapes allows the artist to experiment with increased productivity. Just remember to not to merge anything together until it's ready.

One of the best designs that are used to create elaborate heart drawings are floral designs. It is easy to make using the twirling method. Otherwise, an artist grab a host of floral vector patterns on the web to save even more time.

how to draw a heart step 3 from cgattic.ca

Most floral designs can easily be rotated and played around with to form one side of the heart. Again, all it takes is a little artistic vision to find one side of the heart to have it mirrored to the other half. This example merges a few floral designs to be combined with the main heart drawing of the previous step.

When the design is somewhat finalized, everything can be flattened together for a final pattern. It is still wise to keep an unaltered copy of the floral designs somewhere safe as it is difficult and time consuming to fix mistakes in the drawing process.

Juxtaposing a complex heart cartoon drawing

A juxtaposed heart cartoon drawing is a great shape to be used in a crest, badge, icon, or coat of arms. Luckily, the techniques used in this demonstration so far can be used for this type of of art. With that said, even with all the complex shapes involved, there is always room for more creativity.

Certainly, what started out as simple steps on how to draw a heart can open up new possibilities. Now the course of action would be to finalize the design to fit a specific goal or task. In this case, the heart can be used as a banner or a name tag.

how to draw a heart step 4 from cgattic.ca

The scroll banner and extra effects are art files that have been drawn or collected elsewhere else. Any drawing software can import it directly as a separate layer. All that is left is to rearrange the pattern to something that works as well as unifying the design colors.

Color selection is important so it doesn't clash with one another. For simplicity, I try to use three colors at the most. The example uses the dark red from the heart, a flat blue, and a silver color for the banner. What is optional would be the gradients.

Flat colors all around look just as good as compositions with complex gradients. If I were to change this into a logo, for example, flat colors would be more suitable. In addition, the amount of complex shapes would be reduced drastically to make it simple.

At the end of the day, it really is amazing how a single line can turn into something so exquisite. All it takes is an understanding of one key idea of twirling a line and modifying it in a way that further pushes the envelop of creative design. All this from simply learning how to draw a heart.