Drawing Cartoon Sea Creatures in Photoshop

Drawing cartoon sea creatures and other sea animals is never boring. There are so many different types of organisms living in the unexplored oceans that creating cartoon sea animals becomes a challenging yet rewarding activity to partake.

From the common fish to exotic jellyfishes, every drawing will begin with breaking down the sea creatures into simple shapes. Thus, it is important to take a look and study the anatomy to pursue which parts that will audiences to identify the animal at first glance.

It is only then that a cartoon drawing is made. Unlike land animals, where making the head bigger can yield excellent results, changing the body to head ratio won't work as well for aquatic animals due to the visual absence of a noticeable neck.

Therefore, to make a cute cartoon of sea animals, other forms, other than the head, will need to be altered. The examples featured here will look at a emphasizing a defining specific trait of each sea creature.

Guides on Drawing Cartoon Sea Creatures

drawing cartoon sea creatures from cgattic.ca

Armed with imagination and the motivation to create something wonderful, Photoshop will be the main tool from start to finish. Other drawing software can work just as well. Even physical media will work just fine. It just needs to be scanned in later for detailing.

As for the guides, the objective is to get into the rhythm of practicing on a flexible medium while thinking about each step needed to get the desired results. In no particular order, start with an animal that has a basic form.

The wonderful world of cartoons has a lot of flexibility in terms of style. As long as the key defining traits of a sea animal is emphasized, it becomes easy to recognize regardless of the proportions.

Hence, beginners can enjoy the process of creation just as much as any professional artist once the basic drawing foundations are established. New styles are always welcomed in the art world!

With every new lesson, there is an emphasis to try a new sea animal rather than repeat the same forms. Nonetheless, as new lessons are introduced, give it a shot to see what you can come up using the same lessons!

Use what is available here and anywhere else as references. That is, always keep a few examples handy to clear any artistic block! I invite you to bookmark and share the guides to help others who may be interested in drawing cartoon sea creatures!