Cute Cartoon Animals in Photoshop

Cute cartoon animals are always great to look at. It's even more rewarding when the cartoon drawings of animals are done personally instead of relying on other artists. When ready, this is the place to learn how to draw cartoon animals that are both fun and adorable.

Whether it is complex or simple, most of these cute cartoon animals are done with understanding the initial form through drawing very simple geometric shapes. The creativity comes from adjusting these basic shapes to create something that is both adorable yet recognizable.

From pandas, giraffes, wolves, parakeets, monkeys, zebras, etc., what makes any animal look cute? The secret comes from changing the body to head ratio. Like babies, a larger head coupled with a smaller body and limbs will go a long way.

Even after that, there is never a dull moment when looking for opportunities to draw funny animal cartoons. The rest is up to individual interpretation and how far the artist will want to balance realism with cartoonish coloring. See what you can come up with as you explore the guides below!

Cute cartoon animals that anyone can draw

Cute cartoon animals from

butterfly cartoon

Butterfly Cartoon

A butterfly cartoon is a versatile piece of artwork that can be used for may different functions. It can be used to spice up documents and pictures or it can be used as pleasing symbolism to signify a success or milestone. This guide will go through the process of creating a butterfly cartoon.

cartoon giraffe

Cartoon Giraffe

A cartoon giraffe is a fun exercise that looks to challenge what an artist can do with deforming an animal that already has such a unique shape. This chance to be creative with new forms and ideas is a problem solving skill to be developed and one that is useful anywhere.

monkey cartoon

Monkey Cartoon

Everything is more fun when there is a monkey cartoon hanging around. Whether it is a document or a book, there's something about animal that we can relate to when we see it being used around the office or home. Follow along to draw your own cartoon monkey.

panda cartoon

Panda Cartoon

There's no other way to describe a panda cartoon other than a series of circles and ovals arranged in a way that is cute and adorable. There are no complexity involved other than the imagination in creating the most charming cartoon panda possible.

parakeet cartoon

Parakeet Cartoon

A parakeet cartoon is a neat way to depict one of the most social animals to own as a pet. Those that are lucky and responsible enough to own this bird will know how much of a great companion they are. Now, here is an opportunity to draw a cartoon parakeet to brighten up someone's day.

tiger cartoon

Tiger Cartoon

A beautiful tiger cartoon is a great way to practice stripes and working with a very limited color palette. Yet, when done right with colorful oranges, this animal in cartoon form gives off a unique amount of flare that is both clean and vibrant.

turtle cartoon

Turtle Cartoon

Another cute animal to draw is a turtle cartoon. These animals represent wisdom, patience, and lack of urgency. It is no wonder that they are portrayed in almost every culture around the world with some sort of poetical or cultural symbolic importance.

cartoon shark

Cartoon Shark

A cartoon shark is a fun little exercise that looks at the basic building blocks of creating an animal. Specifically, it's using basic triangles and arranging it in a way to form fins, jaws, and the pointy snout. It really doesn't get anymore simpler than this.

cartoon wolf

Cartoon Wolf

A cartoon wolf is a great way to quickly draw a wolf that is both easy and fun. While there are many ways to create a wolf cartoon, this sketching presentation will focus on a cuter deformed version of this amazing wild animal.

cartoon zebra

Cartoon Zebra

It's hard to mistaken a cartoon zebra with any other animal. Starting with its stripes and gravity-defying mane, it is this simplicity that allows an artist to really focus on creating a zebra cartoon without fear of messing up how the animal will look like.

Beyond what is featured here, what other animals can be drawn using the same methods? Cartoons are a great way to find that one specific feature that makes the animal stand out. This is more so when there are animals that look very similar to one another.

For example, certain dogs can look like wolves; birds of prey often look very similar due to its predatory adaptations; even cats can look similar when deformed. The duty of the artist is to find these small differences and emphasis it to create cute cartoon animals that still resemble the right species. Regardless, work through it logically, have fun doing it, and you will succeed!