Cool Things to Draw in Photoshop

Looking for cool things to draw of various topics and themes? To be successful, start building up some good online and offline resources to reference fun things to draw. Consider this guide as a list of a few fun things to draw when bored or stumped for ideas.

As a budding professional with special artistic goals, is it always good to have a source of art inspiration. Unfortunately, inspiration is not something that can be forced - especially when struggling to find interesting cool things to draw.

Rather, it is something that just happens. For that purpose alone, creating a library of drawing resources to help it along is helpful. The more reference materials available, the higher the chances inspiration will come as art ideas can come from just about anything.

There's no way around it. No matter the skill level, all artists need references. Some places to find inspiration are books, from real life, different genres, other artist, etc. Aside from those, consider the content here as another source of inspiration to be bookmarked and referenced at a later date.

Miscellaneous cool things to draw

cool things to draw from

The following guides is a small list of things to draw that were taken from the real world. From static to dynamic objects, to the living and the undead, there are many things to try on your own.

Each guide will present its own unique challenges to overcome and will require some creativity. However, this is what makes drawing fun: that there is no set way to draw anything as long as there is a minimum level of competency.

Even after trying all these guides, there are many subjects to study. Being an artist is an unending learning experience. See what kind of a portfolio you can develop when diving into other cool things to draw from the list below:

From picture books From different genres
  • Perspective
  • Object shapes
  • Shading and lighting
  • Humans, animals, etc.
  • Building designs, furniture fixtures, etc.
  • Color composition
  • Fantasy and history
  • Science fiction
  • Action and romance
  • Comics and cartoons
  • Sports and leisure
From the real world From the digital world
  • Cars and mechanics
  • Houses and buildings
  • Furniture and electronics
  • Animation and movies
  • Sculptures and mannequins
  • Digital magazine layouts
  • Stylized effects
  • Photo-manipulation
  • Industry drawing software
  • Cartooning and animation
  • 3D rendering