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Communication goes a long way in finding out what my audience likes. I can only assume that my passion for art will carry through in my lessons. Feedback is always appreciated. Therefore, this section is a chance to get to know my audience.

Do you have some questions or comments that you want me to address personally? Maybe there is something that you want to draw or paint that I have not covered yet. Perhaps you know that there are additional information in an article that I may have missed.

Even simple stuff like spelling or grammatical errors are welcomed! The idea is to have a dialog between you and me to see if there is anything that you like to change or improve on this website geared towards drawing.

Use the form below and send me your thoughts. Again, this is your opportunity to bring to the table what is important to you!

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It is just that simple. Online, it is easy to take free information and knowledge for granted. However, if you can give back by sharing, which can mean the world to someone, is able to spread the passion of drawing, and is simple enough to do with no downside, why not?

When you are ready to move on, use the navigation menus to continue anytime. Sincerely, I wish you all the best on your journey as I hope to inspire you, as well as others who share this passion, dive back into the joys of drawing and painting through an inexpensive computer drawing pad that anyone can pick up (and all that they will ever need)!