Chocolate Cartoon Drawing in 4 Steps With Photoshop

Attaching a chocolate cartoon drawing to emails, cards, or documents is a fun way to brighten up any presentation. What types of chocolates will you come up with when following this guide on creating chocolate cartoon sweets?

As an open-ended food topic to draw, the type of cartoon chocolates available is endless. However, in order to limit it, the focus will be on chocolate in a liquid and solid state. Any decorations will be up to the artist to add upon completion.

Chocolate in a liquid state is uniformly easy to color. The difficulty comes from imagining the various swirls and smooth layers weaving back and forth. The shape of liquid chocolate will need to be contained as well, where drawing a bowl may be a good idea.

Unlike the fluid liquid state, chocolate in a solid state can come in many defined shapes. The most common shape would be a square bar. When drawing solid chocolates, try to vision a favorite brand or type of chocolate to get the shape correct!

Sketching the chocolate cartoon drawing

The drawing will start with a few random bubbly shapes for the liquefied chocolate. Using a simple oval, a bowl is also sketched out. In terms of smoothness, swirls are done randomly back and forth within the center of the sketch.

When the sketch is done, darken the lines are start erasing into the random swirls to create a sense of direction. After that, clean up the bowl by suggesting a round rim or rounded bottom.

chocolate cartoon drawing step 1 from

For the chocolate bar, straight lines are necessary. The trick is to use the 'shift' key to draw the straight lines. First, click on a starting point. Then, hold the 'shift' key and then click anywhere else. This will form a line from the starting point to the new end point!

Continue to use this method to build in the individual pieces of the chocolate bar. As soon as all the lines that make up the divisions are done, erase into the lines to properly separate it.

Cleaning up the chocolate cartoon drawing

The airbrush and eraser tool is all that is needed to clean up the messy sketch. This can be done on a new layer or directly on the sketch layer. Both methods will work depending on the needs and skill set of the artist.

The goal is to make a clean line drawing. Most of the challenge will come from creating the necessary smooth or straight lines of the chocolate cartoon drawing to have a consistent thickness.

chocolate cartoon drawing step 2 from

A good tip is to take off the pressure sensitivity option in Photoshop. This will make the brush strokes behave uniformly in regards to having a constant thickness. Again, if any of the lines are too thick, erase it a little.

Aside from that, the chocolate bar will have different levels of extrusions. While accurate perspective lines are not necessary, always keep a vanishing point in mind when drawing the straight lines.

Coloring the chocolate cartoon drawing

Coloring the chocolate cartoon drawing is dependent on a proper background base color. A simple brown base color will make it easier add shading afterwards. A quick and simple way to fill it in is to select zones on the line drawing.

Process wise, use the magic wand and select the areas needed first. Use the 'shift' key to highlight multiple zones. After that, create a new layer and go to Edit > Fill to quickly in the color. Fill in the bowl with a light white and the chocolate with a dark brown color.

chocolate cartoon drawing step 3 from

For the chocolate bar, try the subtraction method. First, select the area outside the chocolate bar. Then, go to Select > Inverse. Doing so will highlight the silhouette of the chocolate bar all at once!

Now, fill it in as per normal by creating a new layer and going to Edit > Fill on the Photoshop ribbon. This trick will ignore having to select the individual rectangles on the chocolate bar.

Shading the chocolate cartoon drawing

The purpose of shading and texturing is to make the chocolate cartoon drawing have volume. It is recommended to use are the chalk brushes for texturing and a very large round brush to smooth colors.

To contain the colors, lock down the layer to have all the colors stay within its proper boundaries. It is recommended to target the largest areas first. In this instance, use the round brush to color the bowl.

The shiny areas of the smooth chocolate will have to be colored in using the chalk brushes. Just dab in a few targeted strokes randomly and sparingly to simulate light bouncing off the chocolate.

chocolate cartoon drawing step 4 from

The chocolate bar may have many different hard edges. This can be easily done through coloring with the chalk brush. Basically, use a lighter brown to build an inner or outer square around the sides to create these designs.

For the next step, adding small traces of rim light will further enhance its volume. The quickest way is to use the 'inner glow' layer style to automatically generate one. However, don't be afraid to manually draw it a rim light if it looks too artificial.

The final step is to add in some shadows. The 'gradient overlay' layer style is a great way to transition dark to light areas. Manually shading can be done using the burn tool to target simple shadows within the chocolate.

With that done, there are a few more extra steps possible. Photoshop can easily darken or brighten these colors with a few clicks. Targeting the browns will create dark chocolate while lightening it can create milk chocolate. The choices are endless!