Cartoon Raccoon Drawing in 4 Steps With Photoshop

A fun little cartoon raccoon drawing is a amusing and positive way to introduce people to this animal. An extremely sly and intelligent animal, raccoons can be seen in urban areas, close to a forest, looking for food. Be careful though, they are still wild animals!

Even though they look cute, a raccoon may carry diseases that can harm us. In order to increase awareness of the potential harm, education is needed. That's where an artist is needed to depict these animals in an easy to understand way.

A cartoon raccoon drawing is seen in entertainment as well. During the 80s, a Canadian animated cartoon titled 'The Raccoons', was a series commentating on the need for the protection of nature against environmental destruction in pursuit of wealth. The protagonists were, of course, raccoons.

It really is a clever series that shows the raccoons as being the forefront between nature and human interaction. This is just one of several examples of this animal being used in media. What uses will you come up with when you finish your cartoon raccoon drawing?

Sketching the cartoon raccoon drawing

A quick sketch outlining the fundamental shapes of the animal is always needed regardless of style. The shape of a raccoon's head is more triangle than an oval. Therefore, draw a round triangle not only for the face, but for the ears as well.

The body can be treated like any other animal. Use regular circles to indicate the limbs, the body, and the tail. Do the same for the face. There should be circles that roughly indicate the eyes and nose. Don't forget about the mouth!

cartoon raccoon drawing step 1 from

After that, work on what makes a raccoon different from all other mammals that resemble it. In this case, draw two sagging ovals for the eyes. While on the eyes, darken its markings and darken the nose. Create some dark areas in the ear to indicate openings.

The final part is to create markings on the tail. This is an easy step as a few lines will do just fine. When the sketch is finished, step back and have a quick look to make sure that is the final posture and proportions before moving on to the next step.

Cleaning up the cartoon raccoon drawing

Making the cartoons lines as clean as possible is the next order of business. Painting with a regular brush, where pressure sensitivity is set to change the size is one way of doing it. The other method would be to use the Photoshop pen tool to trace an outline.

This is why finalizing the initial sketch is important. It saves a lot of time tracing over a finalized composition than to make changes in the middle without some sort of guidance. With that said, there is a level of freedom to make the outline.

cartoon raccoon drawing step 2 from

For instance, this outline has multiple jagged areas to give an impression of fur. This is not needed but it does add a little more flavor to the cartoon raccoon drawing. Other artists may decide to go with smooth straight lines so long as the major traits of the animal are depicted.

On that subject, while the tail marks are easy to fill in, there might be difficult to distinguish the eyeballs from the black markings in the eye region. However, just by filling is calculated open areas like the eye circumference and where the pupil will shine, the eyes can be carved out.

Coloring the cartoon raccoon drawing

A raccoon comes in primarily two different colors for the fur coat that covers the entire body: brown or grey. While not much of a choice, it's still a choice nevertheless. Ideally, grey is a much better color to be used for creating a hard copy.

Once decided, fill in the line drawing with the respective fur color. To get the shape of the raccoon quickly, there's a trick I like to use with the magic wand tool. First, I create a new layer and then fill it completely with grey.

cartoon raccoon drawing step 3 from

I then go back to the line drawing layer and click anywhere outside of the raccoon. This will highlight the void areas. From there, I go back to my layer that has the grey color and hit 'delete' on the keyboard. Automatically, it will erase any area designated outside the raccoon shape.

The final step would be just to work on the face. There are clear white ovals on the two eyes and the snout. Just paint in the white areas, either on the same layer or on a different layer, to create the 'bandit mask' look of a raccoon.

Texturing the cartoon raccoon drawing

A personal preference of mine is to go beyond the flat cartoon colors. This is just an extra step that makes the cartoon feel more vivid by enhancing some of the fur textures. Having the raccoon outlined define, the layer containing the grey is then locked down.

The tools that will be used here is the manual airbrush and a few optional settings on the layer box panel. Specifically, layer styles are a great way to add in quick affects with minimal work. To access the layer styles, just double click on any layer to bring up the window.

cartoon raccoon drawing step 4 from

Continuing on, the chalk brush is used to block in simple jagged patches of fur textures. Make sure the fur patches conforms to the natural curvature of the face and the body. For instance, have the middle of the face as the focal point and then fan out the brush strokes from there.

For shaded areas, the belly, paws, and the area under the tail can be darkened ever so slightly. The shortcut would be to use the 'gradient overlay' layer style in Photoshop to quickly create the shading. Otherwise, it can be painted in manually with a large soft brush.

Finally, paint in a thin layer of white just on the outline to give the raccoon a rim light. This can be done on a clipping mask. Another alternative would be to use the 'inner glow' layer style. The good thing about Photoshop is that stacking multiple layer styles in one layer is always possible.

Any additional global affects can be easily placed in using adjustment layers. The most popular one I like to use is the 'brightness/contrast' adjustment layers. With it, I can create a global enhancement of the entire composition easily. And that's it to finish off the cartoon raccoon drawing!