Cartoon Fox Drawing in 4 Steps With Photoshop

A very popular cute cartoon animal to draw is a cartoon fox drawing. This sleek animal has been portrayed often in media as a creature that is sly, cunning, and has the ability to transform. They are also lovely animals to try and draw.

Despite a few negative views of foxes in media, one positive view is the term 'foxy', which refers to people that are attractive (usually females). With its vivid colorful coat and slim figure, it is no wonder why this term is connected to this beautiful animal!

For art purposes, what make a fox recognizable are the triangle head, long snout, sharp ears, thin limbs, and a bushy tail. All these features can be suggested using simple geometric shapes such as triangles, ovals, rectangles, and cylinders.

The process of creating a cartoon fox drawing is to sketch these basic shapes and arrange it to form the overall form. Then, a line art will be traced over this rough sketch, where color will be added much later. The sketch can be done on paper and then scanned in, or it can be done directly on the computer.

Forming the cartoon fox drawing

In the initial sketch, draw a rounded triangle for the main face. Attach two triangles for the ears and a cylinder for the long snout. Use a large oval for the body and attached slim rectangles for the legs. The paws are simple squares for now. As for the tail, a water droplet shape will do just fine.

Once all these main shapes are filled in, start to detail in some of the facial features. The eyes will connect primarily to the snout. Draw the nose using another small triangle and fill in simple lines to separate the paw into separate digits.

cartoon fox drawing step 1 from

Now that these simple details are completed, start darkening the cartoon lines based on these details. The goal is to create refined features out from the gesture sketch. If the mouth is open, draw in the tongue and the teeth.

Any lines that are out of place can be erased. Smoothen out any of the form as much as possible. At the same time, add in boundary lines that separate colors like the white belly and the white areas that separate the snout from the rest of the face.

Cleaning up the cartoon fox drawing

This example is an enlarged version of a cartoon fox drawing line drawing. In this particular drawing, the ears are separated properly to show where white is intended to go. Similarly, there is an oval separation starting from the nose that wraps around the entire mouth ready to paint in the white jaw.

On the open mouth, there are boundaries for the mouth, the tongue area, and several canine teeth. There are also whiskers drawn in on top. The eyes are very simple to draw and just requires filling in a circular white line to indicate the pupils.


cartoon fox drawing step 2 from

The region underneath the animal will have a line that divides the white part with the rest of the body. The line will start at the neck and reach all the way to the hind legs. Depending on the perspective and position of the animal, a part of it will be shown coming down to the hind legs.

Lastly, the final separation should be on the tips of the tail where a section is closed off the for coloring a white tip. On the tail, clean up the lines in a way that shows jagged roughness. The purpose is to show some fluffy abstract fur.

Adding a base color to the cartoon fox drawing

When all the borders are closed off properly, the process of coloring can begin. Though foxes come in many different shades of color depending on the environment, the common red fox is the most popular one by far.

To fill in the orange or red coat, select the empty area in the line drawing first using the magic wand tool. Then, create a new layer underneath. From Photoshop's menu, go to Edit > Fill to fill it in with a orange or red color.

This process will be used to fill in the white areas of the ears, mouth, the teeth, the pupils of the eyes, belly, and the small tip on the end of the tail. If the areas are closed off properly, it should take no more than a few seconds to do.

cartoon fox drawing step 3 from

If the mouth is open, fill it in with a dark red as well. The final piece of coloring in this step is the black colored limbs. There's a special process for doing this. Again, go back into the line drawing and select the coat area with the magic wand tool.

Return back to the colored layers once more. This time, with the boundaries selected, use a large round brush and gently fill it in with a black color. The reason is to avoid contaminating other areas with black by accident.

Texturing the cartoon fox drawing

Now that the base colors are done, the rest is just painting small traces of fur on the cartoon fox drawing. This is easily done with the chalk brush. First, lock down the layer that has all the colors to prevent coloring outside of any boundaries.

Most of the fur texturing effort will be spend on the face. With the proper directional strokes, fan out the fur by following the curvature on the upper eyelids to create a brow. The next step after that is to create a nose bridge that links the eyes to the nose.

Naturally, the nose will flow down to the mouth. With the mouth open, there will be some slight texturing needed for the tongue and the inner mouth. No fancy techniques are needed; just shade in some areas around the tongue to make it stand out a bit.

cartoon fox drawing step 4 from

The body will follow a similar approach to the face where blocks of fur are blocked in based on the curvature of the torso. This will include the limbs and the tail. Again, try to visualize patches of fur as it wraps around the whole body.

Since cartoon lines are black, there may be some challenges in trying to bring the toes to light. In cartooning, the technique to do that is to add a white lines right beside the dark lines that create the individual digits.

Expand on this concept to create a rim light around the fox. This can be done manually or through a layer style called 'inner glow'. Either way, this is a special light that highlights the boundaries of the fox and makes the entire drawing stand out.

Finish off the entire painting process by adjusting its brightness and contrast. It's an easy thing to do by just utilizing Photoshop's adjustment layers. It's simply called the 'brightness/contrast' adjustment layer. Just use the slider to quickly make the cartoon fox drawing stand out!