Cartoon Bird Drawings in Photoshop

It is always fun and rewarding to try a few cartoon bird drawings as a developing artist. These guides are practical examples of turning complicated flying animals into adorable bird cartoons.

All the drawings in this section will focus on breaking down birds into very simple geometric shapes, whereby a cartoon style is applied to these basic shapes to create something that is both adorable yet recognizable.

For most cute cartoons, the shortcut comes from changing the body to head ratio. However, there is an extra consideration for the neck. Some birds will have extra long necks that may be difficult to incorporate.

The challenge is balancing the head to body ratio with respect to the thickness of the neck. The examples featured here will go through the thought process on solving problems like these.

Guides on Cartoon Bird Drawings

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In the tutorials, a sketch that looks at the basic shapes is required. Although done in Photoshop, this step can be done on paper as well. It just needs to be scanned in an imported into a digital format if this route is taken.

While it may look complicated, take a few minute to analyze what needs to be done in each of the steps. It will definitely differ depending on the current skill level. The objective is to continually build a strong artistic foundation.

What other birds can be drawn using what is learned here? While there are many different types of birds, most of them will look similar to the few popular birds that are featured in these lessons.

A good example would be songbirds. Most of them will look identical minus the different types of feather colors and markings. Therefore, a template can be made to differentiate these species to create many cartoon bird drawings quickly.

For everything else, always look for defining features. Most can be found in the types of beaks, the length of the neck, the length of the legs, and feather markings. Emphasize any of these features to identify the bird being drawn.

The best frame of mind is to think or grab references from other artists when stuck at a certain step. There's nothing wrong with using references! Whether a beginner or a professional, always have fun working through it logically to succeed!