Cake Cartoon Drawing in 4 Steps With Photoshop

A digital cake cartoon drawing is a great piece of artwork to add to cards, documents, and posters. There are so many different types of cakes that can be drawn that the only limit is your imagination. Here are some steps to help out.

Just like any recipe, drawing a cartoon cake will require following a step by step process. While the steps are similar to any other drawing, deciding on the type of cake to suit the needs of the drawing is the most important first step.

The main types of cakes can fit into these particular categories: bundt cakes, cake balls, conical cakes, cupcakes, layer cakes, sheet cakes, and Swiss rolls. Then there are cakes that fit specific occasions like weddings, holidays, or birthdays.

Cakes also have an unlimited number of decorations to suit the occasion. Fruits, candies, sprinkles, icing, and powder are some of the more popular ways to cover a cake. With all these choices and combinations, how will your cartoon cake look like?

Sketching the cake cartoon drawing

One of the more celebrated cakes to draw is a birthday cake. The sketch will begin with a simple flat cylinder for the base, a circle for the plate, and a long rectangle for the candle. A square cake is also just as easy to fill in.

When it comes to decorations, these are mostly positioned around the rim with the center bare for writing. However, it doesn't mean that you can't put anything inside! A few simple scribbles is enough to fill it with chocolate shavings.

cake cartoon drawing step 1 from

The cake in this drawing will have fruit surrounded by icing on the top while the bottom will be plastered by small bits of nuts. Random scribbles will be helpful to fill in this area where more control will be needed for the decoration on top.

When most of the scribbles are in place, start to erase out some of the unnecessary lines to clean up the cake a bit. The objective is to finalize the look before going into the next stage of creating a cartoon line drawing.

Cleaning up the cake cartoon drawing

In the cleanup process, the airbrush and eraser tool is all that is needed. For vector paths, the pen tool will be used instead. Sometimes, it's easy to trace over a complex drawing using the lines as a guide than edit the gesture sketch directly.

Regardless, the object is to make the line drawing as clear as possible. The challenge is the icing areas. Since these are wedges, drawing several curved rectangles stacked on one other is a good way of drawing it.

cake cartoon drawing step 2 from

Bits of chocolate near the center are areas that are erased out randomly from the messy sketch lines. There is no right or wrong way as any shape can resemble shavings so long as it's roughly the same size.

The nuts on the side are drawn using the same method of cleaning up the messy random scribbles. However, instead of angled shapes, there are now ovals and circles that are carved out. Still, work on it slowly to get all the decorations in order.

Coloring the cake cartoon drawing

While the cake can be as vivid as the artist wants, the process will require a background base color. These base colors will make it easier to texture the decorations. The best way to fill it in quickly is to select empty zones on the line drawing.

Using the magic wand, select the areas needed. If there are multiple zones, use the Shift key. Then, create a new layer and go to Edit > Fill to quickly in the color. Though this technique is useful for large areas, smaller areas may be a challenge.

cake cartoon drawing step 3 from

A good method is to use the subtraction method. First, select the area with a rectangle lasso. Then, hit the ALT key to change the cursor to a minus sign. Clicking anywhere with the minus sign will remove that selection from the lasso.

Tricks like these will help quickly fill in multiple zones at once! Depending on the decoration, there should be a color for the fruits, the chocolate shavings in the center, the brown found on the nuts, and the colors of the candles.

Shading the cake cartoon drawing

The shading and texturing phase will take a bit of time but is worth it to make the cake cartoon drawing look visually appealing. The main brush types to use are the chalk brushes for texturing and a very large round brush to smooth out the colors.

First, lock down the layer to have all the colors stay inside the cake silhouette. While any area can be worked on, start with the largest areas first. Use the soft round brush to gently lighten up the main body of the cake.

Smaller areas like the chocolate shavings, icing, and nuts will have to be colored in using the chalk brushes. Just a few simple strokes will give hard edges to texture out these delicious decorations.

cake cartoon drawing step 4 from

Any fruit on the cake will have a small white shine on it somewhere near the center. This is easily added through the chalk brush as well. The last bit is to add in a rim light around the cake and individual decorations.

Adding small traces of rim light on the nuts sparingly will further make it pop out. Other areas that will have this light will be the fruits, the candle's edge, the icing, and the flame on top of the candle.

The final step is to add in some shadows on the underside of the cake, under the icing, and the area where the nuts attach to the main cake. Again, the chalk brush is an ideal candidate for this.

Through some effort, the cake is beautifully drawn! What's good about Photoshop is that any of the colors here can be edited further to either enhance the existing colors or change out the colors completely to create even more vivid cakes!