All About Me


about me

I am glad you came you read about me (the person behind the website). I am a self taught artist currently living in Canada. I enjoy drawing and painting in my spare time as a form of relaxation.

Though boring at times, I am very grateful to be where I am right now. As a Canadian citizen for the majority of my life, my story didn't start here. In fact, my story started on the other side of the world.

Being an immigrant from Southern Asia, I don't remember all the details (since I was about five years old when I immigrated to Canada), but I do remember that we had to leave due to the political strife to find a better life.

We manage to make it through from being sponsored by my grandpa and third uncle (both have been living in Canada for a while now). Though I don't remember too much about my time in Asia, I clearly recall a love for drawing as I started my first piece of art; drawing a guitar along a dirt road.

Early years

When I flew here, the passion for drawing continued as I drew the airplane, that took us to Canada, on a large cardboard box carrying what little provisions we had. Fast forwarding a bit, my childhood school days were full of sketching fun.

While I had a taken a few elementary and junior high courses on drawing, I never really consider it as formal art training. In high school, I took one or two courses as just a means to get credit. I never really dived into art as much as I should.

In fact, I stopped drawing altogether during my final year in high school to focus on getting my scholarship. It is not until I attended the first year at a local University that I started drawing again. Even then, it is on my own accord as the reality is that classes at post secondary are massively expensive.

The urge to be creative

The prohibiting cost of formal art schooling led me to think of a cost saving alternative to fill the desire to draw. This is when I purchased a WACOM tablet, which included a copy of Photoshop essentials, to get me started on drawing again.

As a result, I learned about Photoshop and the advantages of digital art some time at the year of 1999/2000. After I graduated in 2005, I looked at many different unrelated jobs here and there because there is not a lot of demand for illustrators in where I lived.

When I finally settled down with a secured job (again, completely unrelated to my illustration skills), I got married in 2008. Through the entire time starting from where I bought my WACOM tablet, I casually made a few digital paintings here and there.

Most of it is from trying to learn Photoshop and the other digital painting software bundled in with my drawing tablet. Even though the demand is not there, I continued to illustrate because it is simply something I enjoy doing it. Some of my peers did take notice, though.

From there, I got introduced to a few art related odd jobs here and there where I did draw for clients. While it did pay the bills for a bit, money still got tight. When it got too much to handle, that is when I decided to go work for someone else full time in the IT field.

Having said that, every now and then, I would draw on the side. This time, it would be as a means to record a journey of relearning how to draw many different things from scratch. As a result, I decided to build this website at the end of 2015 to track my own progress online. Eventually, it became a personal project.

My learning experiences

While I may have lost the opportunity to become a professional illustrator (making a healthy financial living based on my art), I would love to at least spread my passion for drawing to others as I believe that anyone can draw well. This website is a live document of it.

The instructions here are what I think is one of the best methods to learn about not only digital painting, but drawing in general. Have you noticed all the graphics on this site? Besides a few photos in one or two pages, I drew and painted all those examples as a means to show the authenticity of learning.

Believe me; my art did not look like that when I started drawing again during my adult years. Through slow development and practicing the right concepts, I am able to paint what you see now. That's why there are some examples that look rather amateurish compared to later examples.

What's good to note is that you can do the same given the right goals instead of practicing blindly with no direction. In other words, you can practice till your face turns blue, but if all you have been practicing are stick figures, then all you have going for you is just creating the best looking stick figures in the world.

The gift of knowledge

We all draw different and we all have different styles. The only thing that doesn't change is that you need to have a strong artistic foundation to carry your style. Whether you are young or old, it is never too late to build that artistic foundation from studying the real world and how art reflects it.

Through the understanding of perspective, proportions, composition, etc, you can create a world that is unique to the artist. It becomes even more so as competition increases in the field of art as you need to separate yourself from other artists convincingly.

To be the best in your artistic field is the ultimate achievement that every artist should strive for. Hence, if I can sum up the purpose of this website, it is to help you develop your drawing skills, in a flexible and inexpensive medium, so you can be a successful artist.

I am thankful that I have the opportunity to share what I know through this website. As such, all the lessons here are my gift to you as I encourage you to take advantage of what is offered here. I hope you will find the motivation in my words to be the best artist possible (not just the best artist you can be).