The Digital Art 101 Guide for Drawings and Illustrations

Learn how to draw anything with these digital art 101 guides ranging from the realistic to the imaginary. Combined with a computer drawing pad, it's a chance to change blank digital canvases into cool drawings, audience friendly cartoons, and professional illustrations - to relieve stress, release creativity, while keeping a tidy workspace!

Most of us learn how to draw at some point in our lives. The act of drawing is an activity that helps bring out our creativity as well as being a fun stress reliever. Having said that, a part of enjoying the activity of drawing comes from having a good foundation.

While there are many art books and drawing resources out there to help people learn how to draw using traditional media, it brings a lot of clutter. These digital art 101 guides are answers to drawing without worrying about cleaning up the resulting mess of art materials.

Just look at the benefits: the freedom to make mistakes, being efficient with resources, and keeping the office or home environment clutter-free. It's a lifestyle change as professionals and amateurs alike embrace digital painting in their work flows to free up time for more important things outside of putting paintbrushes away.

Example illustrations

cool drawings from

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There are so many possibilities after mastering these digital art 101 basics! In each topic, I present my four step process to help the drawing along. After all, thinking through clear objectives and getting it down is a great way to empower one's confidence. Excited and itching to try it these how to draw lessons? It all starts here!

Go slowly and take advantage of the resources available here to start focusing on art as a way to enrich one's life. Just draw it, print it out, and show it off to your friends or family members. Don't forget to point out just how clean your desk or studio is!

The bottom line? You have more important things to do with the space, like using it for social gatherings, parties, or your own functional play area, than having it being occupied by art equipment. Combine it with a good laptop, and you're good to go - transforming yourself as an artist with a healthy mobile lifestyle!

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When you are ready to move on, use the navigation menus to continue anytime. Sincerely, I wish you all the best on your journey as I hope to inspire you, as well as others who share this passion, dive back into the joys of drawing and painting through an inexpensive medium that anyone can pick up!