Cool Things to Draw: Neat Things to Draw when Bored To Curb Unproductive Downtime!

Looking for cool things to draw of various topics and styles? To be successful, start building up some good online and offline resources to reference fun things to draw. Consider this guide as a list of a few fun things to draw when bored or stumped for ideas.

As a budding professional with special artistic goals, is it always good to have a source of art inspiration. Unfortunately, inspiration is not something that can be forced - especially when struggling to find interesting cool things to draw.

Rather, it is something that just happens. For that purpose alone, creating a library of drawing resources to help it along is helpful. The more reference materials available, the higher the chances inspiration will come as art ideas can come from just about anything.

There's no way around it. No matter the skill level, all artists need references. Some places to find inspiration are books, from real life, different genres, other artist, etc. Aside from those, consider the content here as another source of inspiration to be bookmarked and referenced at a later date.

Miscellaneous cool things to draw

cool things to draw from

anime shading

Anime Shading

Various anime shading and comic shading techniques have evolved over the years. With the move to the digital platform, it has never been easier to do. While there are many ways to learn this technical skill, it still goes back to two fundamental basics: having a line art and shading underneath it.

anime girl drawing

Anime Girl Drawing

An anime girl drawing is a cool piece of artwork that a lot of artists love to draw. Being an open-ended topic, anyone can draw one depending on their skill level. This guide is will go over the critical thinking process and technical skill needed to learn how to draw anime girls.

chibi drawing

Chibi Drawing

A chibi drawing is a type of art that is well-liked as people are quickly drawn to adorable art. The style itself resonates with a broad audience since it's simple to get an idea across. It is also not as taxing on the artist to draw. Why wouldn't one not take advantage of this ever growing type of art?

how to draw a heart

How to Draw a Heart

Learning how to draw a heart is a great way to show affection. Whether it is used all year round or just saved up for Valentine's Day, heart drawings are always welcomed. By itself, a heart is an easy shape to draw. However, drawing a heart that is symmetrical will require some creative thinking.

how to draw a star

How to Draw a Star

Learning how to draw a star accurately is one of those tasks that looks simple but can be difficult to achieve. In reality, with a little math, symbolic star drawings with any number of points can be easily drawn out with any modern drawing software.

how to draw a star

How to Draw Spiderman

Through experimentation, this guide on how to draw Spiderman will look at the thought process and reasoning needed to create a Spiderman drawing. Most of the complexities deals with the design on the costume where using a grid is helpful. Here's how I did it.

cartoon basketball player

Cartoon Basketball Player

A very popular sport in America is basketball. A cartoon basketball player is a neat way of identifying this popular sport to younger audiences. This exercise will go through the process of drawing of a basketball player. It really isn't that difficult at all. Just be creative with the subject.

cartoon soccer player

Cartoon Soccer Player

A cartoon soccer player is a fun way to show appreciation of a sport that is played around the world. This guide will go through the simple steps of making a cute little drawing of a soccer player using very basic drawing tools. I will be explaining what to look for and what drawing tools to use.

Other cool things to draw and study are:

From picture books From different genres
  • Perspective
  • Object shapes
  • Shading and lighting
  • Humans, animals, etc.
  • Building designs, furniture fixtures, etc.
  • Color composition
  • Fantasy and history
  • Science fiction
  • Action and romance
  • Comics and cartoons
  • Sports and leisure
From the real world From the digital world
  • Cars and mechanics
  • Houses and buildings
  • Furniture and electronics
  • Animation and movies
  • Sculptures and mannequins
  • Digital magazine layouts
  • Stylized effects
  • Photo-manipulation
  • Industry drawing software
  • Cartooning and animation
  • 3D rendering

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