How to Draw Anything: Drawing Tutorials for Clutter-Free Art Using a Computer Drawing Pad!

Imagine learning how to draw anything - from the realistic to the imaginative. How about in a way that keeps the desk clean? It's easy with just a computer drawing pad. Use these drawing tutorials to turn blank digital canvases into cool drawings and illustrations - to relieve stress, release creativity, while keeping a neat and tidy lifestyle!

Most of us draw at some point in our lives. The act of drawing is an activity that helps bring out our creativity as well as being a fun stress reliever. Having said that, a part of enjoying the activity of drawing comes from having a good foundation.

While there are many books and drawing resources out there to help people learn how to draw using traditional media, it brings a lot of clutter. It's such a time saver to just draw using a computer drawing pad and not worrying about cleaning up the resulting mess of art materials.

Imagine the freedom to make mistakes, being efficient with resources, and keeping the office or home environment clutter-free. It's a lifestyle change as professionals and amateurs alike embrace the computer drawing pad in their work flows to free up time for more important things outside of putting paintbrushes away.

Example illustrations with a computer drawing pad

It really is amazing what technology can do for art. Armed with a tablet and stylus, along with practicing traditional methods of drawing, these drawing tutorials are a way to develop a unique style (along with good drawing habits) in the digital medium.

Plus, there's the long term effect of saving money as additional art materials aren't being bought just to practice. Think about it for a moment and imagine turning an empty canvas into cool drawings that looks like this from just a few rough sketches:

cool drawings from

cool drawings 2 from

cool drawings 4 from

cool drawings 3 from

There are so many possibilities! A computer drawing pad has allowed many artists to draw in a clean and affordable environment that just focuses 100% on the process of drawing. Just grab a good drawing software and you can make drawings like this without the mess too.

Don't be afraid if you are not the best artist either. We all start somewhere. In each topic, I present my thoughts to help guide the drawing along. After all, thinking through a composition and getting it down is a great way to empower one's confidence.

Excited and itching to try it these how to draw lessons? While it requires some effort, take all the time necessary to build a proper art foundation through every drawing. Then, you can truly enjoy your computer drawing pad to its maximum potential and gear it towards a more clean lifestyle. It all starts here!

How to draw: creating a strong foundation

drawing tablet for pc

Drawing Tablet for PC

A drawing tablet for PC is an essential tool that allows you to draw and paint on the computer effectively. We will look at a few properties that defines a good PC drawing pad as each individual computer drawing pad will differ from manufacturer to manufacturer.

Photoshop guide

Photoshop Guide

This Photoshop guide will go over the core tools needed for drawing. No matter how difficult it seems at the start, all types of drawings can be done easily with the most basic tools such as the airbrush, erase, smudge tool, layers, etc.

how to draw tutorials

Drawing Tutorials

Looking for how to draw tutorials to help develop the successful artist within? The drawing instructions and online drawing lessons here are geared towards developing core drawing skills artists can use and succeed with.

Practice drawing realistic subjects like animals

how to draw a bird


I learned how to draw a bird by creating many bird sketches to understand its form and the unique challenges it brings. This section will cover a bird drawing of a few common species and what I did to make it doable. I envision that this will work for you as well.

how to draw cute animals

Cute Animals

Cute things are loved. Learning how to draw cute animals is one of many ways to appeal to a broad audience. This guide will feature several well known cute animals that people adore. Most of the techniques here will focus on getting the fur right. Here's how it's done.

how to draw farm animals

Farm Animals

In this guide on how to draw farm animals, we will be drawing animals that we see commonly in ranches and farms around the world. While we will be drawing some common animals like the horse and pig, others, like the camel, are just as important in other cultures.

how to draw animals

Wild Animals

Learning how to draw animals living freely in nature is another big step in being a good artist because people love animals of all shapes and sizes! Just look around us. How many types of media feature animals? Just thinking about will make my head spin.

Expand the horizon to drawing people and nature

how to draw a face

The Face

Knowing how to draw a face properly is a important as an artist because drawing faces of your subjects is a skill that is very high in demand and will speak about you ability to draw. Use these guides to help you learn all the different aspects about how to draw human faces that are realistic and visually pleasing.

how to draw people


Learning how to draw people properly is a huge deal to any artist. The human body as a complex machine, with its infinite amount of posing possibilities, can be overwhelming to draw. Here are a few guides to help with easing the difficulties associated with drawings of people.

landscape drawings


Would you like to make your own landscape drawings? This lesson will teach you tips and tricks for creating landscape. While it may not be easy at first, we can break down how each landscape elements can be done. Your primary goal is to recreate natural landscape textures.

Advance into cartoons and other styles when ready

how to draw fantasy art

Fantasy Art

What can you come up with when you are learning how to draw fantasy art? Fantasy art has an unlimited amount of things to draw that will push your imagination to the limits. You can get started on this fascinating genre by learning how to draw fantasy creatures that are common to this topic.

cute cartoon animals

Cute Cartoon Animals

Cute cartoon animals are always great to look at. It's even more rewarding when the cartoon drawings of animals are done personally instead of relying on other artists. When ready, this is the place to learn how to draw cartoon animals that are both fun and adorable.

Cool Things to Draw

Other Cool Things

Looking for cool things to draw of various topics and styles? To be successful, start building up some good online and offline resources to reference fun things to draw. Consider this guide as a list of a few fun things to draw when bored or stumped for ideas.

Aside from the initial investment, the resources are all available here to start focusing on art as a way to enrich one's life. Just draw it, print it out, and show it off to your friends or family members. Don't forget to point out just how clean your desk or studio is!

The bottom line? You have more important things to do with the space, like using it for social gatherings, parties, or your own functional play area, than having it being occupied by art equipment. Combine it with a good laptop, and you're good to go - transforming yourself as an artist with a healthy mobile lifestyle!

Helping to play it forward

Questions? Comments? Feel free to contact me for any inquiries. Remember, the best way to learn and take advantage of any computer drawing pad is just to go out and do it! Thank you very much for following along so far. Don't forget to share a page here and there if there is something you like.

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It is just that simple. Online, it is easy to take free information and knowledge for granted. However, if you can give back by sharing, which can mean the world to someone, is able to spread the passion of drawing, and is simple enough to do with no downside, why not?

When you are ready to move on, use the navigation menus to continue anytime. Sincerely, I wish you all the best on your journey as I hope to inspire you, as well as others who share this passion, dive back into the joys of drawing and painting through an inexpensive computer drawing pad that anyone can pick up (and all that they will ever need)!

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