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Sets of Original Cool Drawings And Illustration Guides Designed to Bring Out Your Inner Artist!

Imagine turning blank canvases into cool drawings, wicked illustrations, and awesome works of art. These guides will use popular things to draw as drawing ideas to build up your drawing skills, through new drawing methods, to become a masterful artist.

Most of us learn to draw at some point in our lives. The act of drawing is an activity that helps bring out our creativity as well as being a fun stress reliever. Having said that, a part of enjoying the activity of drawing comes from having a good foundation.

While there are many books and drawing resources out there to help people learn how to draw using traditional media, I would like to present another way to learn how to make cool drawings and illustrations.

Aside from just a normal pen and paper, professionals and amateurs alike are also starting to use a digital stylus and a tablet in their work flows. The major advantage is that there is a lot of freedom to make mistakes as well as being efficient with resources.

Making cool drawings in the new age

With an emphasis on new digital tools along with traditional methods of drawing, I will be proposing new drawing techniques and practice lessons to give you the confidence necessary to develop your own style (along with good drawing habits).

Plus, you are being environmentally friendly since you are not buying any additional art materials just to practice. Imagine turning an empty canvas into cool drawings that looks like this from just a few rough sketches:

cool drawings

There are so many possibilities. The digital medium has allowed me to draw this in a clean and affordable environment that can be used for many different purposes. Just grab a graphics tablet and you can make drawings like this without the mess too.

Don't be afraid if you are not the best artist either. The drawing tutorials here are designed to save you time and frustration by teaching you what's important so you learn to draw with confidence on a wide range of subjects.

Your support is much appreciated

There is already a lot of ongoing time and energy invested here to bring my passion for cool drawings and illustrations to you. As such, may I ask that you help share this site to other people who are also interested in getting into the fun of drawing?

It's easy and will only take a second of your time. Just use the share options to help spread the joy of drawing to people you know about these instructions on how to improve one's artistic abilities to make their own drawings:

When you are ready to begin, use the navigation at the top to start anytime. I wish you all the best on your journey as you help yourself as well as helping others getting back into drawing and painting without breaking the bank.

As you learn to draw through this site, feel free to contact me if you have any questions as you embark on a journey to fulfill your artistic goals. Thank you very much for your ongoing support as every little bit helps!

CG Attic

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